60 Years of History

For more than 60 years, XANTHIS SA has been servicing the Greek marine industry with high end engine room and propulsion equipment, integrated technical solutions and reliable after-sales and maintenance services.

The quality of the equipment is guaranteed by the strict selection and continuous evaluation of our reputable suppliers.

The integrity of the offered technical solutions is assured by the know-how acquired through technological training of our staff and uninterrupted close cooperation with the technical departments of our partners.

The quality of our services has been reinforced and augmented through the experience gained during our long and successful presence in the field.

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Pillars Of Success

Solid Product Quality at a Competitive Price

Long Term Customer Relationship

Reliable Customer Service and Aftes Sales Technical Support


Founded to address the power needs of the irrigation market based on diesel engines
Baudouin, 20M33, PowerKit Diesel, Engine, Xanthis


Entered the marine industry by offering diesel engines and diesel driven generating sets
Marine, Generators, Baudouin, 6 M33.2, Xanthis


Management passed on to the second generation and entered commercial, industrial and utility power generation market


Product line expanded to include marine transmission and propulsion systems


Power Generation Business Unit was created to better address the evolving power generation needs of commercial, industrial and utility customers
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